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POPE CARLOS // art + creative direction

Marathon Monday Shirt 2.0

The original Marathon Monday shirt, circa 2002

The Boston College Strong Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Boston Marathon bombing survivors Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky. In order to raise the initial $250,000 to fully endow the fund, this t-shirt campaign proved vital to achieving, and eventually, surpassing that goal.

From the New York Daily News:
[Patrick] Downes and company laugh about it all, and his name still echoes in the halls [at Boston College’s McElroy Commons]. T-shirts were on sale around the corner Thursday. They were blue with gold lettering and featured a muscular Eagle striding forward. Pope Carlos, a designer and friend of Downes, created the shirts when he was a student in 2002. It was a bootleg evolution of the T-shirts students wear to sporting events, and read “Marathon Monday” on the front. On the back, it added, “We don’t just run. We fly.” Downes told Carlos that he used to wear the shirt so much “it melted onto my skin.”

Asked to fashion another version in honor of Downes’ marathon return, Carlos settled on a subtle change. He replaced an Eagle’s talon with a runner’s blade.

“I think it’s a nice tribute," Carlos says. "Just a little twist really.”

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